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Become a Member

Why Become a Member? 

Because the benefits are awesome! If you are committed to being a regular in the studio and we hope you are, then being a monthly member for sure has it's perks and benefits! 

First there is the simple fact that you will SAVE MONEY EVERY MONTH off of the regular hourly rental price. 

Then come all the other great benefits like: 

  • Hosting / Distribution Included (Standard Hosting - hosting hours match monthly rental time)

  • 1st Access Booking (meaning you have access to availability over hourly renters) 

  • Video Recording Included (One Camera)

  • Free Snacks and Beverages

  • Discounts on Add Ons and Services

  • *Up to 4 Hours Conference Room Included each month (Certain Membership Types)


*Available on all Pro MVP Memberships. Number of hours depends on the membership type.   

Sign Up TODAY!!

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